Post-It Notes

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Practicing the tenses! (Ba1 MF’s students)

Intensive practice for your Spring Holiday!

Present simple and present continuous 1

Present simple and present continuous 2

Answers to these exercises and my explanations on Tenses (secondary, but it can help you all!)

Describing My House

Some students asked me to start a thread so you could post your monologues. I prefer that you DON’T write down your monologue, only practice saying it aloud. But AFTER you describe your house in class, you can do this Writing Exercise, OK? Not before. Do NOT learn your monologue by heart! Preparing it only means thinking about it and saying sentences aloud, not writing it! I’m more interested in a Speaking Exercise, not in a Writing Exercise. OK? So wait, please! 😉

Unit 6 (MF’s Ba1s)

You can post here your unit 6 compositions.

Unit 5 (MF’s Ba1′s)

You can post your unit writings here. Enjoy!

A Night Out (MF’s students)

Dear Ba1 students,
you can post your stories here if you like. You can also watch this wonderful video by Old Básico 1 students!

Bios & Monuments

This thread includes work by Básico 1 students in Feb 2009 (13 posts; published on the Students’ Corner – Your Contributions – Writing Assignments), in Feb 2010 (8 posts) and in Feb 2011.

Describe somebody who has a monument!

Unit 4 (for MF’s Elementary Students)

Describe a friend. Remember:
– group the topics in different paragraphs
– try to use as many language items as you can (Saxon Genitive, possessives, adjectives, present simple, frequency adverbs and time phrases, verbs of likes and dislikes with nouns or with verbs…)