Tell us about your last holiday

Where did you go? Who did you go with? How long did you stay there? What did you do? Remember to mention your level: Ba1, Ba2… Enjoy!


28 responses to “Tell us about your last holiday

  1. I went to Calpe, Alicante, last August .I went with my husband, my daughter, my sister-in-law and two nieces. We went by car.We stayed for four days in a big hotel with a sea view. We could to see all the beach from our room.

    First, we had a good breakfast in the hotel and then we had lunch on the beach.
    In the afternoon, we walked around the town and we walked to the seafront. After that, we visited the fishing port and we saw “Ifach Peñon”. It’s a great mountain over the sea.In the summit, it has an excellent view.
    I took a lot of photos and I bought many things in the stands of the Artisan Fair that was in the sea front .

    We had a great time. Calpe is a wonderful place. I love it because the weather’s good all the year.
    I like it very much.

    Excellent, Rosa!!

  2. I went to Berlin last May with my girlfriend.We flew to Berlin with Easyjet.

    We stayed for four days in a little hotel away from the city centre,but near the subway station.The hotel was nice and quite cheap,around 35 euros for a night in a double room.

    During the day we walked around the city.We saw all the famous places like the “Wall of Berlin”,”Brandenburguer Toor”,the “Reichstag”(it´s the German Parliament) and we visited very beautiful squares and very interesting neighborhoods.We also visited the Pergamo Museum,it´s an Islamic,Roman and Greek art museum.

    At night we went to restaurants and had fantastic sushi,sausages and drank a lot of German beer. We also went to very popular dance club,in Germany it is very popular and its electronic music is great! We were in Watergate — it´s a club near of Wall of Berlin.We didn´t buy any gift.

    We had a great time.Berlin is full of recent history and it is a very interesting city.People have an open mind and have a freedom sensation.We only had one problem: my girlfriend lost her ID card in the airport, when we were boarding the plane.We found the ID card on time to fly.

    Excellent, Cristóbal! Nice trip to Ireland!

    I went to Valencia. I went with my girlfriend. We went there last August. We got there by car. We stayed in my house. We went to the beach and the disco. It was a good time.
    Well done, Javi! Step by step you are improving a lot! Keep up the good work!

  4. Fernando Ba1

    I went to Argentina last October with my wife. We flew with Aerolineas Argentinas.
    We were in Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Calafate, Bariloche and Iguazu. It was a honeymoon trip.
    We saw all famous places in the country like Perito´s glacier, Iguazu falls and the world’s ass (Ushuaia). We took a lot of photos two thousand more or less. We had lunch in very good restaurants and we had excellent steaks and pasta, and the ice cream was fantastic.
    We went to the theater in Buenos Aires. When people go to the theater they wear very very elegant clothes. We bought some clothes and a lot of gifts for family and friends.
    The weather changed all time. In Patagonia you can have four seasons in one day (like the song goes!).
    People were very nice. They always helped you.
    I hope I can go back some day.

    Excellent, Fernando!

  5. Julia Basico I

    Last July I went to Praga and Budapest with my husband and my sons.First we flew to Budapest.We stayed there for 5 days .The hotel was in Buda .Budapest is a beautiful city but its buildings are very dirty.They need some painting.It’s a nice city, anyway.
    The Danubio runs through Budapest and divides Budapest into Buda and Pest.During the day we walked,walked and walked,visited monuments, monuments and monuments.We had Hungarian meals.They were quite heavy but we had to try the food.At night we were very tired.
    In the river there were restaurants.They were ships.One night we had dinner in one of them.As we were having dinner there were musicians playing romantic music.
    Then we left for Praga.In Praga you can’t drive you only can walk.Its streets, its river ,its monuments,all in Praga is like a tale. We stayed there for 5 days. In these days we walked ,walked, and walked and so on.The hotel here was an old building close to the river Moldavia. It was very nice.
    Kafka was born in Praga .His home was in the centre of the city.
    After Praga we went to a small but beautiful town Carlovy Vary.It was the holiday place of the rich people from Russia.
    We had a great time although we also had a big problem the language. It’s very difficult and people there only speak their Language.

    Congratulations, Julia! You have learned (US) /learnt (UK) to use periods (US)/full-stops (UK) in English. Also (=además), your English is incredibly good. Your progress is outstanding! 🙂 Keep it up!

  6. I’m Mayte Ba1.

    I went to Menorca two years ago, with my husband and my son. We flew to Menorca with “Air Europa”, the plane was very small. I’m terrified of flying. I was very nervous when the engine began to work. I took my seat and closed my eyes until we landed Menorca.
    We stayed there for ten days in a hotel near the beach. The hotel was nice and there were a lot of activities for the children and for adults. At night there was a show it was fun.
    During the day we went to the beach or the swimming-pool. Then we had lunch in our hotel there was a buffet. Then we went to our room to sleep the siesta. At night we had dinner in the hotel and we walked around the beach.
    We bought a pair of jeans, some shoes and presents for the family.
    We had a great time. We were very relaxed. The weather was good… we only had one problem: the plane, I hate it!

    Excellent, Mayte!

  7. I am Catalina(Ba1)

    I went to Paris last August with my husband. We flew to Paris with Air Europa.

    We stayed there for a week in a flat of our friends in the south of Paris.

    During the day we walked around the city. We visited the famous places and the Museum the Louvre and the Ordsay. We went to the Eiffel Tower, Concorde, Notre-Dame, Madeleine Church, Arc of Triomphe. We walked in the Champs-Elysees, Les Envalides and Disneyland, where we felt like in a fairy story and like when we were a children.

    We took a lot of photos. At night we met our friends and had dinner together. When the day finished we were very tired.

    I bought very cheap shoes and a Mickey Mouse bell.

    We had a great time. Paris is a specially romantic city for lovers.

    We didn’t have any problems. We had a wonderful time.

    Excellent, Catalina!!

  8. I went to Atenas last July with my daugther. We flew to Atenas with Spanair.
    We stayed there for five years and after that we took a boat to the Greek islands. The hotel was quite cheap because it was in a Paquistani quarter. My daugther freaked out! But all was very well.
    During the day we walked around the city and we visited the famous museums and monuments. We took a lot of photos!
    At night we went to restaurants in the famous places with typical music of the country.
    Our favourite restaurant was in the Monastiri place.
    In the boat, during the day, we visited all the beaches. [is that it?]
    We bought some souvenirs for the family and my daugther bought some clothes and I got a ring like Meandro’s river.
    We had a great time but it was too hot.
    The Mediterranean food is wonderful. We loved it!
    At night we went to the disco to dance at about twelve. All the trip was really exciting!

    I bet! It sounds amazing! Well done, Nuria!

  9. I spent 15 days in Greenland. It was amazing!!. I went with Javier, my husband. This time we weren’t on our own but in a package tour (even though there were just seven people, I mean it wasn’t a big group). We visited wonderful places, such as Nanortalik, Tasiusak, but the most stunning sceneries were the fiords and the glaciers. We spent three nights in a place called Qaleraliq. We did an excursion to the glacier. We had to wear crampons. We were able to listen to tremendous noises from the icebergs when they broke down and fell into the water. We used a zodiac to move from one place to another and it was freezing to death. We managed to see a whale in our way to Tasermiut, another magnificent piece of scenery. We all were lost for words. I really enjoyed this trip. It was great.

    Thanks for sharing, Pepi! Amazing trip! And thanks for sharing in class too!

  10. When I got married, I went to Thailand on honeymoon.We flew to Bangok with Thai Airlines[?]

    We did a tour of fifteen days around all the country.We stayed in Bangok for three days.

    In the morning, early, we visited many temples, e.g. Temple of Buda, Temple of Wat Po… When we came into a temple, it was necessary to take off your shoes. We gave some coins and we could ligth a candle.

    I loved the floating market.It was a very typical place. It was between channels and people in their boats sold fruits, clothes… and snakes. We bought a lot of souvenirs. It was very cheap.

    At the night, we went to see an Elephants show.
    We had a problem. It was very hot. We always wore a cap and a fan.

    I hope to go back there again.

    Well done, Paqui! Nice trip!

  11. Last July I went to Belgium and Holland with my husband and my three sons.We flew to Brussels with Brussels-Airlines.We bought the tickets on the Net — it’s cheaper if you buy them in advance — and rented a car. We stayed there for eight days. The first day, we walked around the town.We visited The Atomium, The Manneken Pis (It was five minutes walking to the hotel ),and The Council’s square. These were beautiful places, especially at night.The second day, we travelled by car to Gantes. There was a rock festival. After we went to Brujas. We liked the canals, the streets and the delicious chocolate. We bought some chocolate for us and to give away. The third day, we drove to Colonia (Germany) to see the cathedral. We went up the 509 stairs on foot. When you arrived at the top you could see The Rhin and the town. It is wonderful and the wind blows…The fourth day, we left Brussels to visit Rotterdam (It was raining all the time) and finally we arrived in Amsterdam. There was a lot of traffic. The hotel in Amsterdam was smaller that the other one but it was great, close to the Dam’ s square. Here, we spent the rest of the days . We visited Ana’s house, the Rij’s museum, The Van Gogh’s museum, The red quarter… We went on a trip by ship at night. We visited the villages near by Amsterdam ,…..The weather at first was bad ,but changed and the sun shone. We bought some marihuana lollipops. This town was different because a lot people ride bicycles and at first it was difficult to cross the streets. The bicycles can go in all the directions and you never know their way. The last day we returned to Brussels an we saw Waterloo and came back to Spain .

    Good work!!! Well done, Pilar! Keep it up! 🙂

  12. Hi! I’m Rosa (Ba 1)
    I went to Galicia last August with my husband and my two daughters. We stayed therefor fifteen days in a big flat near the Costa da morte. The flat was beautiful and cheap. There was a big heated pool and a big park.
    During the day we saw all the famous places like the lighthouses, the beaches, the villages and the capes. We took a lot of photos. At the night we went to restaurants and had good shellfish like barnacles, crabs, scallops… and white wine.
    We bought some typical things. We had a great time and we didn’t have any problems.

    Well done, Rosa!!!

  13. Hi!I’m Noelia(Ba1)
    I went to Ibiza last August with my friends.We flew to Ibiza with Easyjet.
    We stayed there for a week in a apartment near the beach.The apartment was completly [?] and quite cheap.
    During the day we walked around the island.We went to the flea market .There were bracelets,ankle bracelets,strings of pearls [necklaces?],clothes,shoes…everything! We bought a lot of things.
    This day we ate in a refreshment stall,where the food was delicious!!We ate roasted chicken with chips and for dessert we had a big vainilla and chocolate ice cream.
    We took a lot of photos on the beach ,at the flea market,in the discos,in the swimming pool…
    At night we went to restaurants near the beach to have a drink on the beach.
    We had a great time because we visited Formentera. It was beautiful. We went on boat. We went out a lot. The food was excellent…
    In Ibiza you can find all kinds of things.There was a great atmosphere and it’s a really nice island.
    We only had one problem:there were too many people.

    Well done! 🙂

  14. Hi! I’m Mónica Ba1 tuesday

    I’m going to tell youabout my holiday in 2008

    In the summer in 2008, I went to Ireland with my family and friends. Nine people in all.
    We flew to the airport of Shannon with Ryanair.
    We stayed in a big house near a little village for two weeks. The house was opposite a long beach. The house was also behind a big grass field where a lot of sheeps grazed. It was really nice and quiet.
    During the day we walked around the village. We walked barefoot in the beach. We didn’t swim because the water was frozen. We saw the famous dauphin of Dingle. We also saw the Ring of Kerry. We took a lot of photos.
    At the night we went to the pub an had a pint of beer with potatoes with onion, and listened to the Celtic music.
    I didn’t buy anything, except for a calendar2009 with a beautiful pictures of Ireland.
    We had a good weather but in the same day it was rainy and sunny.
    We only had one problem: when we took the plane we heard: “Get out of the airport quickly. Bomb warning” The plane took off three hours later. The warning was fake.

    Excellent, Mónica! 🙂

  15. Hi! I’m Alba. I study in Ba1 on Tuesday and Thursday.
    Last summer I went to Marina Do’r in Oropesa del Mar.I went with my family by car. The trip took five hours.It was very tiring. I stayed for two weeks in my fathers’s house. I go there every year in summer.
    In the morning and in the afternoon I took the sun [I sunbathed], I swam in the sea and I played tennis with my father.
    At night I walked on the beach I had ice cream and I went to the disco. Every day I did the same thing so I was oftenbored!

    100 word

    Well done, Alba! Check corrections carefully. Routines are expressed by using the Present simple, OK? Well done with “tiring”, the past simple and the Saxon Genitive!

  16. I am going to tell about my last Easter holidays. I went to Dublin during for four days with my daugther, my nephew, my sister in law and other students of the EOI.
    We flew to Dublin with Ireland Lingus. During those days we walked all the time. We visited the sights: Trinity College, Guinness, churches, cathedrals, the bank of Irleand, the parliament…and the other places.
    We saw very nice parks with many flowers. We had a great time, enjoyed the trip and We laughed a lot.
    I bought a lot of things to for my mother, my husband, my brother…etc
    I seemed is an interesting country.
    The weather wasn´t good, it rained almost every day, but this wasn´t a problem.
    My Easter holidays were good!

    Next time, come along, Michelle!

    🙂 Thanks. Good work, Casilda! Check your mistakes

  17. On my past holidays past I went to the beach in Valencia .

    I was driving drove there with my mother, my father my brother and my best friend .
    when WE WANTED get down to see some my friends that I haven not looked.

    WE TOOK some photos on the beach down to the beach but to get photos. I could not swimming because of bad the weather was bad. It was cold and rainying .
    WE spent there a week and returned to Getafe.

    Dear María, you need to pay more attention to the subject and the verb. When you start a sentence, first say WHO DID WHAT and then be careful with the TENSE of the verb, OK? Try with another story, OK? 🙂 See you!

  18. Hello!

    I’m Esmeralda, an Elementary student (Ba1)

    I’m going to tell you about my last holiday.

    In the summer , I went to Murcia with my best friend and your partners [what do you mean?]

    We stayed in a big house near the beach for three weeks.

    During the day we walked on around the beach and and we sunbathed take much sun and we went for a swim bath in the beach. We took a lot of photos.

    At the night we went to the chiringuitos on the beach and we were on the beach at night looking at seeing the stars.
    We had A very good weather during the holiday.

    Well done, Esmeralda!

  19. Hi, I’ m Mary, from Ba 1.
    The last holidays of summer On my last summer holidays I went to La Manga (Murcia).
    I went with my family and we stayed in a flat.
    There were two seas: the sea open sea (it was very big) and the sea closed sea (it was small). They were very clean and blue.
    I walked on the beach; it was very nice. [Also: I went for walks on the beach]
    At night I sometimes had dinner some little fish fried fish for dinner; it was very good.

    Good work, Mary, but remember adjectives come before their nouns! And you all, people, learn the expression “On my last holiday(s)”!

  20. I´m Laura C and I study in Ba1
    I went to London last October with my friend. We flew to London with Easy Jet.
    We stayed there for three weeks in a residence in Crystal Palace. The residence was the typical English house. We went to study English.
    Every morning we went to learn English at the school and then we visited the city. We saw all the famous places [tourist sites] like Trafalgar Square, the Big Ben, Picadilly Circus, The Soho, The Tower of London… We also visited many museums. I really liked The British Museum. We knew saw/visited many places and all places of them had something special. We took a lot of photos. At night we went out with other friends. We met many people in London. We bought a lot of clothes too.
    We had a great time. I love London because in this city all everything is different. The people in London are very modern. I like the monuments and your their history. We were lucky, it only rained two days. We only had a problem: We didn´t like the food.

    Good piece on London, Laura C.! 🙂

  21. I went to San Sebastian two summers ago with my girlfriend. I got there by car. We stayed five days in a friend´s flat.
    Every morning we went to the beach “La Concha”. It is the most popular beach in San Sebastian, it was beautiful and it has quite clear waters.
    In the afeternoons we went to visit monuments, walked around the town, walked around the sea front. I really liked its buildings and streets, they were very beautiful. I also really liked the football stadium,Anoeta.
    At night we were too tired and I went to the bed early.
    We also went to visit villages near San Sebastian like Zumaia, Irun, Hondarribia, all of them beautiful. I specially liked Zumaia, it has a wonderful beach and high cliffs. Zumaia is Known to be a site of geological interest. Many scientifics went there to study its rocks. You can see spectacular landscapes there.
    We had a great time but we only had a problem, the weather, it rained almost every days, it was awful. The weather changed, it was sunny and suddenly it started to rain, it was a problem.
    I really enjoyed that holiday and I think I will go back there again.

  22. Last week I went to Mar del Plata( Argentina) with my family. I stayed in a beautiful hotel. The weather was sunny and hot. I went to the beach every day. I swam in the sea and I played football with my brothers. At night I went to nice restaurants and I ate delicious food. I had a great time there !

  23. hi , i am selsabil :
    i love summer because of the fine weather and the long holidays . in this summer i went to cambridge uk . i had the chance to see this gorgious old city with its beautiful buildings, cathedrals and churches . the most thing that i enjoy is watching many people travelling aroundthe city by bike ilove the english food too * fish and chips * . i went to london too which is an exciting and fascinating city …

  24. Hi! I’m Dolly ! I’m going to writing about my last holiday.

    I and my family went to Singapor three days last year. The air plain took two hour to take there. We stayed in the hotel that was very nice hotel and comportable with: MRT, food center, air port, bus station,….
    We went to the Sentorosa on first day. We enjoined a beach, and massage food by fish there that was awsome to try it for the fist time. After that we went to Univer studio where had a lot of things to took photogrape and played game. The next day we went to the zoo. That place very excited with a lot of animals they leaved in river. It was impression on me about strange kind of fish there that i never saw.
    Last day we went to shopping to bought souvenir gift to my friends and shoped for clothes. We went to retaurant for specical there: Chili Crap , noodle, rice fried,….

    ” Please, help me to correct my essay. When i finished I didn’t see any mistake in my essay. Thanks a lot !

  25. thaaaaanks soooo much Catalina !!

  26. i went to paris last august with my friend . we went by plane i live in morocco and we stayed for 5 days in a big hotel in the city centre . the hotel was no cheap it was expesive our rooms was clean and big with bathroom and a small livingroom and a big bedroom . we visited all the famous place in Paris and we saw the most famous museums the louvre museum was my favourite . we tooked a lot photos 😉

  27. Last holiday, I went to Sharm El Sheikh with my friends to attend the conference about biotechnology and genetic engineering. We traveled by bus, the trip was very long but we saw great mountains over the sea, it was a great view. We stayed for 4 days in Hilton hotel; it is a great hotel near El Kersh bay, We could see all the beach from our room. There are 3 swimming pools, big gardens, a gym and a spa. During the day, we attended the lectures then we walked around the city, we saw all the famous places and we took a lot of photos. At night, we went to restaurant and had fantastic food and drinks. The next day, we bought some clothes, shoes and some souvenirs for our family and friends. The next day, we rented a boat and we went sailing and we did snorkeling and we saw magnificent fishes and coral reefs, we had a great time. The next day, we went to a small safari by beach buggies and we ate barbecue and we enjoyed the stars in the clear sky. We went to bed very late. The next day, we walked along the beach and we ate ice-cream, in the evening, the party team organized a great party for us and children. We enjoyed to the max. Sharm El Sheikh is very nice city with special atmosphere. We relaxed very well. After that we came back home by bus. We were sleeping all the trip.

  28. hi i want to learn english how can i learn my comuuunication skills are very poor so i want to immmrove my skill and k

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