Describing My House

Some students asked me to start a thread so you could post your monologues. I prefer that you DON’T write down your monologue, only practice saying it aloud. But AFTER you describe your house in class, you can do this Writing Exercise, OK? Not before. Do NOT learn your monologue by heart! Preparing it only means thinking about it and saying sentences aloud, not writing it! I’m more interested in a Speaking Exercise, not in a Writing Exercise. OK? So wait, please! 😉


25 responses to “Describing My House

  1. I’m going to describe my house.

    My house is in downtown Alcorcon near the City Hall.
    My house is on the 1st floor. It is big.
    It’s got one small bedroom, one medium bedroom and a big bedroom.
    When you come in there is a hall, o. On the left you can find a kitchen. My kitchen is big.
    In front of the hall, you can find a dining room with a sunny medium balcony.
    On the left you can find a long corridor.
    Then there is a sunny marriege bedroom and then on the left there is a bathroom with a window.
    The next* door there is a small bedroom, the computer room.
    Opposite, there is living room with two windows.
    Finally, you can find my room, t. There are three shelves with a lot of books and films and a big wardrobe.


    Excellent, Marisa! You managed to include a bit of everything! One important thing we can comment in class: Next door is not The next door.

  2. Sorry. I don’t read it.

  3. Describing my house:

    Let’s have a look to my house. I’m going to write about my house.

    There are two floors in my house. Downstairs, there are five rooms in this floor, there is a hall, and a dinning room, on. On the left there is a living room, and on the right there are is the bathroom and the kitchen, but In the bathroom there isn’t any a shower.

    Now, let’s have a look upstairs.

    In here this floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with showers [?]. There is also there is a study room. The main bedroom is very big and there is a terrace / balcony. All the bedrooms there are have BIG cupboards and windows very big with and a lot of light
    And on the top floor there is an attic. It is very nice. [Or: “a very nice attic”]

    And for to finish also there is also a garden with three trees and a lot of flowers, and there are six chairs and one table. That’s all

    Well done, Esperanza!! Be careful with silly mistakes! Study my corrections, OK? And practice explaining this aloud.

  4. Sorry sorry I wrote bad.
    In here floor ¡¡no!!.
    On this floor..¡¡yes!!

    Exactly, well done!!
    ! 😀

    It’s better you say: Sorry, I made a mistake! It’s not “…”. It’s “…”!


  5. Sonia Iglesias M-J

    I´m going to describe my house

    My house is near fair-ground of getafe — My house is near El Recinto Ferial, an area in Getafe.
    My house is in on the a ground floor. It is a medium-size house.
    When you come in, there is a small hall. In front of / Next to the hall, there is a dining room. In the dining room you can find a black sofa, a table with chairs, a big TV set and a sunny big balcony of 70 square meters. On the left, you can find the kitchen. It’s very small.
    My house has 3 bedrooms. The first room is mine. In my bedroom there is a computer and a single bed. The next room is my parent’s bedroom. it has a double bed. and the last bedroom is a the guest room
    My house is nice, bright and very cosy!

    Excellent, Sonia!!!

  6. Good work, people! Keep it up!

  7. Asking for directions in Getafe

    Peter Excuse me, could you tell me: Where is the train station? Is it far from here?
    Eva Err…. it’s about ten minutes on foot.
    Peter Oh well, it’s near here.
    Eva Yes. It’s very easy to get there. Go straight on, and on, and on, until Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square). There, you will see the Town Hall in front of you, and then, turn right, at Calle Madrid. It’s the main street.
    Then after about 100 meters you will find a small church in a street on the right Called Hospitalillo. Go straight on, past this church, along the main street, and you will see there are many shops. Keep on until you get to a fountain. It looks like the Cybeles Fountain in Madrid, but smaller and uglier. Then turn left, go straight on, and on and finally you will find the Train Station. You can’t miss it!!

    Peter Thank you very much, bye

    Eva Bye

    Esperanza González

    Awesome, Esperanza!!! We’ll publish this with the picture you sent of La Cibelina!!! Thanks for your work! 🙂



    I’m going to describe my house.
    My house is in Getafe, in the city centre. It’s a flat on the first floor of a building.
    When you come in you can find a large hall. On the left there is a kitchen with a little balcony. In the kitchen we usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you come back to the hall, in front of it you can see the dining room, with a balcony too. And on the right there is a long corridor where it is you can find our marriage bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. Opposite this room you can find another bathroom. Finally, on the right there are besides two more rooms. One of them is our daughter’s bedroom, and the other one we use as a study the other one.
    We like our house. It’s a big house in a good situation convenient location / good area, but it’s a bit dark and there aren’t windows in the bathrooms.

    Awesome, Jose!!! Congratulations!!

  9. My house is at the corner of the street. Its a very big house. My parents are fond of gardening so theres a garden with a lot of flowers and plants at the entrance of my home.
    There are three bedrooms in my house. Also, theres a living room in the centre of the house. We call it tv lounge. The dinning room is to the right of the living room, next to kitchen.
    I like my house, and its location, as theres a bus stop and a park near my house.

  10. Well done! 🙂 No mistakes! The apostrophes are missing, but I bet it’s a technical matter, right?

    Improvable stuff…
    “at the corner of A street” ? (because you don’t mention the area)
    “in the frontyard” ? (instead of “at the entrance of my house”)

    Nice day!

  11. Well, I need to start off by pointing out that it’s located in the suburbs of Tehran,capital of Iran. Actually far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    A second feature which I should mention is that my house is humongous i mean that’s one of the biggest ones in my neighborhood.
    And I shouldn’t forget to mention that it is has a perfect view, as a matter of fact it’s in the heart of a jungle.

  12. my house is an amazing place to think and to rest 😀

  13. My house is confortable, stylish small, green, there is one kitchen and one garage, one bathroom, living room, dining room.
    I like my house be cause beauty.

  14. My house is medium, there are 3 bedrooms, there are 2 bathrooms, and there is 1 kitchen. my is on the corner of the street. my house has a small door and my house it is in san luis potosi, in the mexico. my house is quiet and confortable.

  15. Hello! my name is Fheer. Aaaam… I am going to describe my house.
    My house is beauty, yellow, confortable, there are three bed rooms, there is a kitchen, there is a living room.

  16. hello everyone , I’m hassan , I din’t know how to describe my house because I’m beginner but I will try
    so my house situated in neighborhood name’s BLOC 4 , it’s not big it’s small but i like it , it is beautiful and charming , it has one living room and one bed room ,kitchen and bathroom , it characterise by its color ……
    finally, realy it’s a nice place to live;

  17. I’m going to tell you about my house , infront of it there is a park , it is medium but you feel as spacious , it’s well air conditioned , sunny and well decorated , it’s on the second floor of a villa, when you come in you will find a men room opposite to you (our country’s tradition is to separate men from foreign women) , on the left there is a bathroom for guests , on the right there is the second part , that consists of a living room , dinning room , a kitchen ,bathroom with a shower, and two bedrooms, one for us , and one for the children .Really I love my house and my neighbours, they are helpful, kind and gorgeous , I didnt want to move from it any more.

  18. Sorry no describe

  19. Describe a house little

  20. I live in a quiet big house with my parents and two sisters . our house is surrounded by a nice garden , where you can see different types of plants . there is a big olive tree where i usually swing with my sisters . In front of it you can see my cat “alaska” having a nap in her litter .
    Now , let’s move inside the house .
    When you come in the house , you’ll find a medium sized hall.Next to it there is a dining and a living room with two balconies , there are a sofa , a nice traditional carpet , a little table an d ashelf with plenty of books , CDs , films ,… On the left you’ll find a big kitchen with a balcony and door that leads to the garage .
    In front of the hall you can see a long corridor where you can find the computer room on the left , my parents room on the right and the room i share with my sisters in front of you . Then in the corner there’s the toilet.
    I like my house and its location.

  21. MY HOUSE
    There are two big bedrooms with comfortable beds, In my bedroom has a table with my laptop, a bed, a TV, a mirror and a dresser. In my dad’s bedroom has a bed, a dresser, a closet and a mirror.
    There is a medium bathroom with a sower, a mirror and a sink…
    There is a kitchen with a big glass table, a fridge, a stove, a kitchen cabinet and microwave…
    There is a living room with chairs, a sofa, a big TV and a DVD player…
    There is a balcony.
    There is a big yard.
    There is a big garage.
    There is a room with my dog and her things.
    Under my house has other house (my grandmother house) and there are three bedrooms, two in the hose and one beside. In my bedroom has a big bed, a table with a computer and a dresser. In my grandparents’ bedroom has two beds, a dresser , a closet and a TV.
    There are two bathrooms (one in the house and one beside) with a sink, a shower, and mirror.
    There is a living room with a big table, a fridge and a cabinet.
    There is a balcony with a stove, two cabinets, a big table, a washing machine and a sink.

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